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It's time to hit the road. I'm Lira. Along the way I'll be sharing pictures, feelings, thoughts, bits of wisdom, art, culture... Please walk with me :)
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Ciclo de Charlas Sobre Conservación Histórica


Las actividades pueden cambiar de fecha o ser canceladas sin previo aviso, trataremos de avisarles a la mayor brevedad posible. Recuerden, disfruten de lo nuestro y planifiquen con tiempo para así aprovecharlo al máximo. Con mucha MODERACION, no olviden!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Para más información pueden pasar por el portal:
Son de Aquí Puerto Rico: www.sondeaquipr.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sondeaquipr…

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Una de mis fotos preferidas en la historia de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. #USC #history #sagrado

…just because I love to; just because it makes my soul feel amazing.

My morning at Mount Merapi, Java, Indonesia ;)

Bogor, Indonesia

Welcome fountain in Jakarta, Indonesia

Bogor, Indonesia

Lego Art by Nathan Sawaya

Tomorrow, Indonesia awaits me.

My roots are calling! I want to represent my country as best as possible when I arrive to Indonesia.

…and I’m going to represent my country in Indonesia!


Date an AIESECer. Date someone who believes that if their dreams don’t scare them, then they’re not big enough. Date a change maker, a person who believes he was born for a reason. They may not be the perfect flawless people you’ll meet in your life, but you’ll be impressed by how much they’re…


Here’s the second painting to beef up my portfolio for the Marvel portfolio review. A bit eye catching around the tiiii….eyes…the eyes. Have to thank Bryan, Lisi, and Sweez for the constant critiques. Really helped me out. Also have to give thanks to Danny LuVisi for livestreaming so often during the process of this painting. Picked up A LOT of helpful tips and tricks just observing him work. Well enjoy guys.